He was an unreliable man. For their first date, he showed up one year late. Therefore, when he left, to make sure he would come back, she insisted that he leave something with her as a hostage. A week later he sent her his most precious possession: a small French 19th-century painting entitled “The Love Letter”, which portrayed a young girl who bore an uncanny likeness to her. A year passed, and on February 29th 2000, after having rented two rings and a witness, she became his bride in a simple ceremony held at a twenty-four hour drive-up wedding window on route 604 in Las Vegas. Later, he gave her “The Love Letter” as a wedding gift.

She acquired a husband, but in the process had lost her guarantee that he would always come back to her.


    1. Wow…Thank you so much. I am truly honoured. I used to enjoy writing, but lost my passion for it a while back. Happily, I have been inspired by my amazing students to take it up again and have found the enjoyment that I longed for. So this means so much more than you’ll ever realise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow I am so happy to hear that! I have a confession, I ended up deleting that post because it felt too much like I was promoting my own blog as well, even though I had been nominated for that “award.” (I decided I won’t accept and promote awards on my blog from here out.) So you won’t find it on my site and I do apologize for that! I meant what what I said about your blog though. You said your students motivated you to write—what do you teach?


      2. Just saw this comment sitting in my spam folder for some reason?! It’s totally understandable. I am really touched anyway. I am a high school English teacher.


      3. If there was anything I’d want to teach, I think it would be college level English and poetry. Maybe not even English, just poetry. And maybe not even teach, but just sit around and write poems all day. It probably went into spam because I put “trigger words” like “promote my own blog.” It assume that’s what I was trying to do to you.


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