what nobody tells you about rainclouds 
is their propensity to linger about 
uninvited, stones beneath eyes that 
solidify your place under a scrutiny 

what they leave out is how during the 
evening you can stare at the sky for 
hours wondering if the edges of 
buildings are neat stitches, unreal 

how it is to live in disbelief, how it 
is to wake up in the middle of a day 
and have to remind yourself of the 
person you have gently grown into 

and how it is to take that person 
to bed every night and remember 
you have to wake up as them 
you are the stone watchtower 

what nobody tells you about is the 
quiet relief in finding someone who 
sleeps as uneasily as you, who will 
mumble as you touch them half-awake 


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