Identity, elusive and profound,
A mystery we all try to surround,
It's more than just our name or our race,
It's the essence of who we are in this space.

In our childhood, we start to learn,
Who we are and how we'll discern,
We take on the traits of our family and friends,
As our identity starts to bend and blend.

As we grow up and start to explore,
We question who we are at our core,
We search for our passions and desires,
To light the flame of our inner fires.

Identity is more than just a label,
It's a journey that we all are able,
To navigate and define for ourselves,
To break free from the societal shelves.

So let us embrace our uniqueness and quirk,
For it's what makes us shine and work,
Let us cherish our identity with pride,
For it's what sets us apart and guides.

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