The land of Oz, so vast and wide,
Where ancient cultures still reside,
A land of stories, rich and deep,
A land where spirits gently keep.

The first peoples, the Indigenous,
Their identity, so intricate,
A history of pain, and also pride,
Of resilience, and survival they abide.

The stories told of the Dreamtime,
Of ancestors, creation, and sublime,
Passed down through generations,
A cultural richness beyond imagination.

Their identity, not one, but many,
A mosaic of cultures, each so plenty,
With unique customs, beliefs, and ways,
A tapestry of life, so beautiful, it displays.

Despite the trauma, their spirit remains,
A connection to land that forever sustains,
A deep respect for all living things,
And a sense of belonging that eternally brings.

So let us all embrace their identity,
And recognize their unique diversity,
For in their culture, we can find,
A richness that is truly one of a kind.

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