A sea of mist surrounds the graveyard
where Little Anthea Messner died
on the 13th day of November
in 1885.

It happened that dark, gloomy day
during the festival of the dead
when little Annie Messner
was bludgeoned in the head.

She was only ten years old
as young as young could be
but for little Annie Messner
11 she would never see.

She was at her father's grave
the man whom she adored
oblivious that it was that day
that she would meet her Lord.

The jury was assembled
The courtroom packed
the mob was waiting to hang
her murderer, Gabriel Mack.

He was the caretaker
He was there, they say
but he swore that her went fishing
on that fateful, tragic day.

"He lies!" Her mother cries
as he tells his tale
of his fishing trip
on the River Kayle.

The judge listens intently
as the defendant speaks
and the prosecutor booms
"Of lies his story reeks!"

"Find him guilty,"
the defence lawyer cries,
"and you will see an innocent man
hang before your very eyes."

3 days the battle raged
experts take the stand
finally the decision is made-
young Gabriel Mack is to hang.

Down the long path
to the gallows he trudged
while in the square townsfolk gathered
filled with anger and grudge.

Up the wooden stairs
to the platform's centre
the noose tight around his neck
and into darkness her entered.

The deed was done
the crowd began to scatter
when up the street
a little boy clattered.

"excuse me judge" he said
"I was there that day
I saw what happened..."
He began to say.

His shirt soaked in blood
from a wound to his head
He told of how he'd been attacked
and all but left for dead.

He'd seen the gruesome murder
take place before his very eyes
as he hid behind a headstone
during a game of Scout and Spies.

"Above Annie stood a woman
then I heard her yell
As the woman hit her with a rock
and on her pa's grave she fell.

I stood up and yelled
'Stop! Stop!' I gasped
but she was too strong and hit me too
and as I fell, her dress I clasped.

I soon awoke, bloodied and cold
scared for my dear life.
I ran and hid in a barn
frightened I was in strife.

But as I rose to my feet
I saw something on the ground.
It was a brooch, fully inscribed.
I must have ripped it off her gown.

The boy gave it to the judge
and he examined it closely.
On the back in lettering bold
was the name, May Moseley.

The news soon spread far and wide
that May Moseley had confessed
She told the sheriff the whole story
right after her arrest.

"If only! Oh! If only!" 
the townsfolk mournfully said
but too late, oh too late
young Gabriel Mack was already dead.

A sea of mist surrounds the graveyard
where an innocent man lay
after he was wrongfully hanged 
on that tragic November day.

Beside his simple grave
under an unmarked mound
townsfolk say Annie Messner's
Aunt May's remains are to be found.

Where once was the gallows
a memorial fountain stands
as a reminder of the injustice
served upon an innocent man.

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