Artwork by: Carlos Azanedo
This prison of the soul,
our showpiece of humanity- our city.
This jewelled concrete wasteland filled with beings
the conditioned delusions, twisted personalities
and the endless, hopeless desire for more
in this bottomless pit of technology.
Glass and steel,
the interminable walls of flashing neon.
The colossal Skinner box
with mesmerising, multicoloured levers .

We are imprisoned by our own greed.

The disease spreads
a silent cancer ugly beyond description
built by human hands
large structures to hold all our emptiness.
The human dream has become reality
before our very eyes.
We are chained and weighed down by our blindness.
Standing naked, refusing to believe or see.
Nature nailed to the cross of progress
and her blood screams from the holy soil.
Forgive us for we know not what we do.

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